Future-Oriented Concepts

The rapidly increasing complexity of industrial machinery places extremely high demands on the development work needed for gearbox manufacturing. Gearbox solutions must be all-purpose and of the highest quality – which requires gearbox manufacturers to come up with innovative concepts.

Individual Solutions – Universal in Use

The gearboxes manufactured by RSGetriebe are unique. Together with our customers, we develop solutions that surpass the standard requirements and open up new fields of application. Speed of rotation and torques, along with the design (contours, especially interfering contours) are just some examples. Modification of the design and inner workings make the gearboxes universally useable. Another unique feature: “intelligent” self-monitoring. The latest applications in the condition monitoring area permit the highest degree of condition monitoring. This maximizes the operational reliability while simultaneously drastically reducing the maintenance requirements. Needs-oriented maintenance intervals, maximization of the serviceable life by monitoring the gearbox parameters and early detection of overloads or operational safety risks are thus always ensured.

RSGetriebe is a member of the German Research Association for Drive Technology (FVA). New, alternative materials, such as gears made of plastic, high-strength alloy steels and additive production processes are examined here.

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