Turbo Gearboxes

Highest Outputs – Minimum Loss

Turbo gearboxes from RSGetriebe are the right choice for all applications that demand high outputs and very low loss. Customers in the power generation, feedwater pump or compression fields have been successfully relying on RSGetriebe for many years. The turbo gearboxes are characterized by the use of virtually wear-free components. The result: An extremely long service life and low-maintenance operation.

RSGetriebe develops turbo parallel shaft gear units and turbo planetary gearboxes, which are custom-designed based on the requirements. An output range of 100 to 7,400  kW and speeds of up to 120,000 rpm are thus reached.

Here is an overview of the most important features of the turbo gearbox:

  • Welded or cast housing
  • Straight gearing, single helical gearing or double helical gearing
  • Case-hardened or nitrated gearing
  • Ground gearing with the necessary profile and longitudinal corrections
  • Heavy-duty anti-friction or sliding bearings for high speeds of rotation
  • Low mass moments of inertia due to a high power density
  • Cooling, lubrication and lubricant monitoring

The turbo gearboxes from RSGetriebe are available with the following performance data:

Ratio i   Depends on the customer’s requirements and technical feasibility
Speed n2 max rpm Up to 24,000 (with anti-friction bearings)
Up to 120,000 (with sliding bearings)
Housing Steel, cast iron
Lubrication Oil splash lubrication, oil circulation lubrication with pump or separate oil supply unit.
Cooling Oil/water cooler, internal and external, oil/air cooler

The inputs and outputs are implemented in accordance with the customer's specifications.

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