Planetary Gearbox PSD50

Main Spindle Drive to Meet the Highest Demands

RSGetriebe is dedicated to providing machine tool manufacturers with just one, universal main spindle drive. The result is the innovative planetary gearbox PSD50. It forms the drive for the main spindle for any type of machine. Above all, the low energy loss and the high power density of the gearbox in a very compact design with a diameter of 320 mm and a length of 300 mm are distinguishing factors of the PSD50.

The 2-speed control planetary gearbox transmits the speeds of rotation directly to the spindle and reduces the necessary torques. The unit can be integrated into the headstock and can be connected with the spindle by flange, belt pulley or gearwheel. The gearbox can be installed vertically or horizontally.

The shiftable sunshaft, which is disengaged at high speeds, guarantees the high efficiency of the gearbox. The planetary gears are thus not in mesh. This significantly reduces energy losses.

The planetary gearboxes PSD50 made by RSGetriebe are available with the following performance data:

Power P kW 45 to 100
Ratio i   1 and 3.15-5.5
Speed n2 max rpm Up to 8,000
Torque T2 max Nm Up to 3,500
Application factor KA   1.5
Efficiency Ƞges   ≥ 97%
Max. gearbox temperature    C 45-50
Max. noise level   dB 72-74
Gear backlash   arcmin 5-15
Permitted axial load Faxial kN 30
Runout   1/100 10-20
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