Control Gears

High Speeds of Rotation and Torques with One Gearbox

In many industries, both high speeds of rotation and high torques are needed. To achieve both, RSGetriebe offers custom control gearboxes. The main areas of use of the gearboxes – with two or more speeds – are, among others, machine tool drives, winder drives, rolling mills or test benches.

Depending on the application, shifting of the 2 to 75 speeds takes place manually, hydraulically, pneumatically or electromechanically. In order to still be able to operate economically, gear shifts can also be integrated into the standard housings from RSGetriebe’s product portfolio. The result is a compact gearbox that combines reduction with high speeds of rotation.

A variety of individual equipment versions

Control gearboxes made by RSGetriebe can be equipped with the following optional features:

  • Direction of rotation reversal
  • Oil and water cooling
  • Lubricant and temperature monitoring
  • Clutch, motor flange and drive motor

Shaft end: smooth, profile DIN 5480, keyway, complete with connecting flange

The control gearboxes from RSGetriebe are available with the following performance data:

Speed n2 rpm Up to 25,000
Torque T2 Nm Up to 250,000
Power P kW Up to 7,400
Gear speeds     1 to 75
Shifting Manual, hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-mechanic
Housing Steel, cast iron
Lubrication Grease lubrication, oil splash lubrication, oil circulation lubrication with pump or separate oil supply unit
Cooling Oil/water cooler, internal and external, oil/air cooler
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