Test Bench Gearboxes

Custom-made Heavy-duty Gearboxes to Meet All Demands

Test bench gearboxes for highly dynamic endurance tests must safely and consistently transmit high powers at speeds of rotation up 120,000 rpm. Test stand gearboxes from RSGetriebe therefore meet the highest construction requirements. The gearing in particular is optimized to achieve a high efficiency with a minimum of noise emission.

This is achieved with precision helical and straight gearing and profile and flank corrections. The highly accurate housings are machined in-house and guarantee high-precision shaft bearing. The extremely rigid construction of the gearbox ensures exceptionally smooth and quiet running.

The high-performance gearboxes from RSGetriebe are customized to the customer’s requirements and are used, among other things, for testing hybrid engines, turbine starter motors, electric motors, motor sports components, drivetrains, exhaust systems and vehicle gearboxes (cars, lorries).

A variety of individual equipment versions

Test bench gearboxes from RSGetriebe are available with a wide variety of options:

  • Ready-to-connect lubrication unit with PLC controller
  • Sealing with shaft seals of labyrinth seals
  • Multiple gear speeds
  • Oil and water cooling
  • Lubricant and temperature monitoring
  • Flywheel supported in spindle bearings
  • Hydraulically operated disc brake

The test bench gearboxes from RSGetriebe are available with the following performance data:

Speed n2 rpm Up to 120,000
Torque T2 Nm Up to 250,000
Power P kW Up to 7,400
Bearings Rolling bearings, sliding bearings
Housing Steel, cast iron
Lubrication Grease lubrication, oil splash lubrication, oil circulation lubrication with pump or separate oil supply unit
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