Heavy-duty Gearboxes

Designed for the Highest Torques

Multi-speed spur or helical bevel gearboxes – also referred to as heavy-duty gearboxes – are often used in the heavy industry to transmit very high torques. RSGetriebe provides you with heavy-duty gearboxes that are adapted to the respective application and can be equipped with a shifting stage, if required. The experts at RSGetriebe customize the gear geometry and the lubrication system to the respective application to guarantee optimum service life and operational reliability.

The gearboxes are provided with up to five gear ratio steps, with which torques of up to 250,000 Nm are transmitted. You can specify an output speed of less than one revolution per minute.

Heavy-duty gearboxes are used in drives for large mixers, bucket wheels, cranes and cable winches. They are designed for highest performance under extreme conditions.

Heavy-duty gearboxes made by RSGetriebe are available with the following performance data:

Ratio i   Up to approx. 3,000
Speed n2 min rpm 0.5
Torque T2 max Nm Up to 250,000
Housing Steel
Lubrication Oil splash lubrication, oil circulation lubrication with pump or separate oil supply unit
Cooling Oil/water cooler, internal and external, oil/air cooler

The inputs and outputs are implemented in accordance with the customer's specifications.

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