Spur Gear Units to Customer Specifications

State-of-the-art Spur Gear Units

With special spur gear units for torques of up to 250,000 Nm, RSGetriebe provides a solution to all mechanical engineering applications, which do not permit the use of a standard gearbox.

The experts at RSGetriebe develop spur gear units tailored to your specific requirements and are available as your reliable partner during every phase of the project – from the first draft to commissioning.

Here is a brief overview of fields of industry and application examples:

  • Headstock drives for machine tools
  • Gearboxes for test benches
  • Gearboxes for the manufacture of cement piping
  • Calender drives
  • Gearboxes for straighteners
  • Drives for sawing applications
  • Reel drives
  • Drives for ball mills
  • Gearboxes for thread-rolling machines
  • Gearboxes for stranding lines
  • Kneading machine drives
  • Drives for bucket conveyors and conveyor belts
  • Drives for tunnel construction and quarries
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