Test bench gearbox 4.0

Gearboxes for hybrid electric motor test benches

RSGetriebe is well-known for individual drive concepts. The development of future-oriented gearboxes that provide solutions for hybrid test bench applications is also a specialty of the company. Another innovative gearbox for electric motor test benches makes this claim more than clear. There was one specific goal, which was pursued during the development: The gearbox had to meet the increasing demands on performance and speed of the electric drive trains. Why this new gearbox stands out, is therefore quickly apparent.

In relation to the performance data of past test bench applications, the gearbox has a very small installation space, which represents a considerable advantage for the customer, since the problem of lack of space in the construction of the test bench is counteracted. Despite the high technical requirements, the gearbox convinces above all through the use of ceramic spindle bearings. These not only have an improved efficiency, but also require much lower oil consumption than an otherwise necessary hydrostatic friction bearing. This offers the customer the necessary economic and ecological advantage for his application.

Optimized components and flexible controls

The components were also adapted to these special requirements. A custom-built special gearing was optimized for the needs of the test benches. This special form of straight toothing thus offers a very high coverage and a quiet running. The problem of axial forces occurring in helical gears, which must be observed with regard to the bearing system, is prevented.

Flexibility also plays a major role. Thanks to the modular design of the gearbox, it is possible to quickly set up and dismantle despite the control and hydraulic interfaces. The gearbox can also serve as the base for numerous other modular test bench setups. This ensures a high standard of flexibility with high technical requirements. A separate lubrication unit provides an ideal oil supply despite the minimal installation space.

RSGetriebe also offers a separate control, which can be flexibly integrated by the customer. This will check all the parameters necessary for a smooth operation of the company.

Technical Data

Übersetzungen 2,9 und 4,838
Leistung 600 kW
Antriebsdrehzahl, max. 15,000 rpm
Abtriebsdrehzahl, max. 5,172 rpm
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