Production & Quality Assurance

To the Highest Quality Standards

Quality in every detail – to ensure the high quality of the gearboxes, they are manufactured solely to the highest quality standards. From the cutting of the material to the gear, all components are produced in-house in our ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities. The high level of in-house production guarantees the excellent product quality and short delivery times. Almost all production steps are carried out at the production facility in Sonthofen: turning, milling, gear cutting, external and internal grinding, gear grinding, quality assurance and testing on the test bench.

State-of-the Art Machine Technology Paired with Absolute Diligence

A state-of-the-art machine park in which investments are regularly made, absolute diligence in the assembly and the use of the latest quality assurance techniques guarantee that the custom gearboxes and drivetrain elements are always of the highest quality. RSGetriebe attaches great importance to training our specialists in-house and continuously providing them with further training measures. This includes cooperation with renowned institutes and intensive in-house sharing of experience. This ensures that the highest standards are maintained for the ever-increasing demands for gearbox solutions, even in the future.

Quality Control:

  • Gear testing with CNC gear testing machines
  • Gear roll testing
  • 3D dimension testing in the CNC measuring centre
  • Surface roughness and contour measurement

Hardness Tests:

  • HRC, HV also possible on gears and boreholes
  • HBW


  • Complete first sample test report, including material certificate, hardness profile, gearing
  • Material certificate
  • Hardness protocols, standard
  • Hardness protocols with hardness profile and analysis in acc. with EN 10204/3.1 or 3.2
  • Recording of relevant dimensions
  • Inspection equipment monitoring is done externally by an accredited calibration laboratory in acc. with ISO / IEC 17025

Gear tooth options and quality

Reference Profile Method Module Gear tooth quality Diameter,
Gear tooth length, max.
DIN 3972 / 5480 Hobbing, straight and helical external tooth system 0.8-12.0 Q6 Ø 450 mm 300 mm
DIN 3972 / 5480 Gear shaping, straight external tooth system 0.8-12.0 Q6 Ø 600 mm 95 mm
DIN 3972 / 5480 Generative and profile grinding, straight and helical external tooth system 0.8-15.0 Q4 Ø 800 mm 250 mm
DIN 3972 / 5480 Gear shaping, straight internal tooth system 0.8-12.0 Q6 Ø 500 mm 95 mm
DIN 5472 Bevel and worm gears

Our Machining Options

Turning max. Ø 650 mm
max. length 1,500 mm
Milling   max. X 2,000 mm
max. Y 1,600mm
max. Z 1,500 mm
Gear cutting and broaching Module 0.5 to 12 max. Ø 600 mm
max. length 95 mm
Module 0.8 to 12 max. Ø 450 mm
max. length 250 mm
Grinding (external and internal) max. Ø 600 mm
max. length 1,500 mm
centre height 300 mm
Gear tooth grinding Module 0.8 to 15 max. Ø 800 mm
max. length 1,055 mm
Spline shaft grinding max. Ø 90 mm
max. length 700mm
Face grinding X grinding width 375 mm
Y grinding length 800 mm
Z grinding height 375mm
Keywaying width 70 mm