Experts for Custom Gearboxes – For More Than Half a Century

The origins of gearbox manufacture go back to the year 1949, when the company Riedel AG begins with the manufacture of the light motorcycle Imme R 100 in Immenstadt under the leadership of the company founder Norbert Riedel. From 1956 on, some seven years and approximately 12,000 produced Immes later, the company decides to concentrate solely on the development and manufacture of gearboxes and the manufacture of motors and spare parts for the Immes is discontinued.

Over the years, a wide range of technologically advanced gearbox applications for many different industries has developed. To the present day, RSGetriebe customers get well-engineered solutions, designed and manufactured in-house.


1949 The Riedel AG begins to manufacture the Imme R 100

1958 After production of the Imme is discontinued, the company changes its name to „Philipps Getriebebau“, and under the leadership of Fritz Philipps and later Karl-Heinz Philips, primarily supplies customers in the machine tool industry

1995 Roland Schwarz continues to operate the gearbox manufacturing company under the name „Antriebstechnik Roland Schwarz“ (Roland Schwarz Drive Technology)

2002 Gerhard Beer heads the company now known as „RS Antriebstechnik GmbH“ and in 2007 relocates the company from Immenstadt to a new, state-of-the-art production and administration building in Sonthofen

2012 The gearbox manufacturer becomes part of the owner-managed HerkulesGroup. The company becomes the centre of expertise for gearbox engineering and now operates under the name RSGetriebe GmbH

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