Gear boxes for E-Mobility

Two individually designed test bench gear boxes for the automotive industry

For a long-term customer we have developed two powerful test bench gear boxes, which were adjusted to specific requirements and delivered in August/September 2020. Our customer develops and builds test benches, in this case for a French and Swedish car manufacturer, who uses these test benches to test vehicle drives.

Due to the positive experiences from past orders, the decision for a test bench gear box from RSGetriebe was easy. Each of the gear boxes were adapted and designed to meet the specific customer requirements. Therefore, the gear boxes are different in power, transmission, drive speed and output torque despite their similar application.

Both gear boxes are equipped with pneumatic shifting and a valve terminal as well as the necessary electrical equipment for monitoring – e.g. for pressure, flow, oil level, vibrations, temperature and the interface for torque sensing.

Together with the dyno, the gear boxes adapt speed and torque to the respective test objects so that the test bench can be versatile. The high-speed shaft can be loaded up to 20,000 rpm and can be disengaged. The low speed shafts of both gear boxes have a drive speed of 6,000 and 3,000 rpm respectively and are equipped with a direct drive. This allows testing in the medium and high-speed range.

In interaction with the dyno, the test bench gear boxes are used to test new drive products and prepare them for series production. The best efficiency is achieved by a pre-configured gear box, which is low-backlash, low-vibration and noise-optimized.

Tailor-made. Powerful. Customized. RSGetriebe handles demanding challenges in test bench gear boxes with the highest level of expertise. We develop customer-specific machine concepts with our comprehensive RSGetriebe expertise from the initial consultation to commissioning.

Technical data


Gear box weight mGear kg ca. 1.100
Engine P kW 524
Drive speed (max.) n1max rpm 6.000
Drive torque (max.) T1max Nm 5.000
Transmission i1   1:3,33
      1 (through shaft)
Output speed (max.) n2max i1 rpm 20.000
Output torque (max.) T2max i1 Nm 1.500
Output speed (max.) n2max rpm 6.000 (through shaft)
Output torque (max.) T2max Nm 5.000 (through shaft)


Gear box weight mGear kg ca. 1.100
Engine P kW 292
Drive speed (max.) n1max rpm 3.000
Drive torque (max.) T1max Nm 4.162
Transmission i1   1:6,67
      1 (through shaft)
Output speed (max.) n2max i1 rpm 20.000
Output torque (max.) T2max i1 Nm 624
Output speed (max.) n2max rpm 3.000 (through shaft)
Output torque (max.) T2max Nm 4.162 (through shaft)
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