Bevel Gearboxes to Customer Specifications

Powerful, Tailor-made Drive Technology

Bevel gearboxes from RSGetriebe are the ideal solution when restricted installation conditions in mechanical engineering make a change of direction of the drive necessary. The experts at RSGetriebe produce individual, custom bevel gears that are specially designed and developed to meet your requirements. From the first draft to commissioning, RSGetriebe is your competent partner.

Highest gearing quality and precision roller bearings ensure that the gears run smoothly. The spiral bevel gears offer very favourable meshing conditions with a high contact factor. The curvilinear teeth are much more resilient than straight teeth. The result is a powerful drive technology of a compact design and a perfect fit with your application.

Here is a brief overview of fields of industry and application examples:

  • Gearing for extrusion plants
  • Gearing for test benches
  • Drive system for steel shears
  • Drive system for parting-off grinder
  • Drive system for municipal vehicles
  • Rotary table drive
  • Drive system for textile machinery
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