Worm Gearboxes to Customer Specifications

Gearboxes to Meet the Highest Demands

Due to their special attributes, worm gearboxes have become indispensable in many applications. Because of the high gear ratios from one gear speed, the compact worm gearbox is used in particular where there is limited space.

RSGetriebe develops custom worm gearboxes for you – specially designed to meet your requirements and perfectly dimensioned for your application. The highest gearing qualities and precision rolling bearings are characteristics of the gearboxes and guarantee smooth running.

Worm gearboxes are especially suitable for driving hoists, as due to the self-locking effect, a brake may not be needed in some cases. Despite the comparatively low efficiency, these gearboxes are an irreplaceable solution for many other applications.

Here is a brief overview of fields of industry and application examples:

  • Drive systems for conveyors
  • Drive systems for rides
  • Drive systems for presses
  • Winch drives
  • Drive systems for lifting equipment
  • Drive systems for packaging machines
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