Planetary Gearboxes to Customer Specifications

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Highly efficient and extremely compact planetary gearboxes are a milestone in RSGetriebe’s planetary gearbox technology. They are the ideal solution for applications that require high speeds up to 120,000 min-1 and torques up to 250,000 Nm with little space available.

The coaxial structure is compact and allows the transmission of high torques with its very stiff system design. The precise gearboxes set standards in the market in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness thanks to their low loss of energy. In addition, they boast high stiffness, perfect running smoothness and flexible options for gear reduction.

RSGetriebe makes use of the latest calculation options during design. These are completed in a broad range of toothing modifications in order to fulfill the requirements regarding sparse assembly space and absolute performance. The material options range from unalloyed materials to high-alloyed materials that are hard to machine. After diverse heat treatment procedures, the gearboxes are constructed and machined in exact accordance with the respective requirements.

A brief overview of and application examples and fields of industry:

  • Spindle drives for machine tools
  • Gearboxes for horizontal wind turbines
  • Gearboxes for texturing machines
  • Gearboxes for test benches
  • Gearboxes for rolling mills
  • Gearboxes for agricultural machinery
  • Feed drives
  • Turbo gearboxes
  • Positioning systems
  • Antenna technology (azimuth)
  • Gearboxes for hoists and crane systems
  • Gearboxes for belt and conveyor systems
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