Extended Product Portfolio: Planetary Gearbox PSD30

RSGetriebe Develops a Drive Solution for the Machine Tool Industry

The gearbox manufacturer from Sonthofen has now extended its product portfolio with the planetary gearbox PSD30. This highly efficient and extremely compact gearbox is yet another milestone in planetary gearbox technology by RSGetriebe. With speeds of rotation of up to 12,500 rpm and torques of up to 2,000 Nm, it is the ideal gearbox for driving lathes, milling machines, boring mills and other machine tools. "Thanks to the combination of high speeds and high torques, the PSD30 can be used flexibly and individually", explains the President and COO of RSGetriebe Thorsten Mehlhorn.

The planetary gearbox series made by RSGetriebe is available in a performance range of 30 kW to 130 kWh. The coaxial design saves space and permits high torques to be transmitted with a very rigid system structure. With their low energy losses, these precision gearboxes set standards in the market when it comes to efficiency and economy. The gearboxes are used in machine tools as well as in machines and systems for various industries.

"Like all of our gearboxes, the PSD30 is customized to suit the customer's machine. Despite fixed components, the customer can freely choose the machine connection dimensions", says Thorsten Mehlhorn. "If a customer opts for RSGetriebe, they do not need to develop the machine based on the available components, but rather we develop the ideal gearbox for their machine."

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